Petition to Bring Instant Video-Replays to Football.

Petitioning FIFA, IFAB and the FA

Football Referee
Sign this Petition if you are tired of seeing Football matches ruined by incorrect referee decisions. It takes less than 1 minute!

FIFA, IFAB & the FA, have delayed innovation in the sport far too long. Referees are making faulty, game-changing decisions on a daily basis.

Whether its incorrect penalties or incorrect red-cards being awarded, these refereeing errors are ruining matches. Players alone should decide the outcome of games, and not a referee getting a decision wrong.

Instances of players diving, time-wasting and exagerating injuries, are also getting very common. Not only are referees getting 'fooled' by these theatric displays, but its outright cheating by the players. It destroys the integrity of the game and also makes a mistake from the referee ever more likely.

As FIFA likes to put it, these incorrect decisions are "part of football". But there is something very wrong in watching your team lose, because the referee awards an incorrect penalty. The only reason thats "part of football" is because we let it be. So instead of accepting it, its time we change it. Take action now.