Petition to Bring Democracy and Innovation to Football

Petitioning FIFA, IFAB, FA, and all FIFA Partners
(Coca-Cola, VISA, Gazprom, Adidas, Hyundai, Kia-Motors)

Football Referee
Sign this Petition if you are tired of seeing Football mismanaged by the corrupt, un-democratic organization FIFA. Its time for the Football community to speak up. It takes less than 1 minute!

How the Petition works:

We will regularly send open letters to Footballs Governing body FIFA, but also the FA and IFAB, summarizing the petition below and stating all its signatories.

Open petition letters will also be sent to the 6 FIFA Partners, urging them to withdraw their support and sponsorship of such a corrupt organization. With enough pressure these companies will remove their support of FIFA and the organizaiton will be forced to change.

Reasons for the Petition:

Following the recent allegations and charges against the FIFA organization of corruption, bribery and racketeering, its clear the organization needs to change dramatically. This petition aims to remove Blatter and calls for a complete change in how FIFA operates. Support it now.

FIFA has since its founding been plagued by corruption charges, allegations of bribery and a general mismanagement of the sport. The organization is completely un-transparent, and un-democratic, with one individual in absolute power for the last 16 years.

The recent awarding of the 2022 FIFA world cup to Qatar, and the 2018 World Cup to Russia, have only raised more questions and allegations of vote-buying and bribery.

With the FIFA presidential "elections" approaching, there are again wide-spread reports of its un-democratic nature, with new presedential candidates having virtually no chance of winning. Its clear something needs to be done.

FIFA, IFAB & the FA, have also delayed innovation in the sport far too long. Whilst most other sports today are using instant video-replays, a majority of Football leagues around the world don’t even use Goal-Line-Technology. The rate of innovation is far too slow.

Referees are making faulty, game-changing decisions on a daily basis. Whether its incorrect penalties or incorrect red-cards being awarded, these refereeing errors are ruining matches. These incidents could all be avoided by implementing the use of instant video-replays.

Its about time the Football Community stood up and tried to solve these problems.

Take action now. Sign the Petition.