CUFA Movement


CUFA is a public movement campaigning to bring innovation and referee-technology to Football. Simply put, we are an organization made up of Football; fans, players and stakeholders.

"Perhaps united, we can stand up to FIFA, and finally have a voice in the sport."


FIFA has complete and absolute control in the sport. The pace of change is too slow. And the need for improvements is too large. Incorrect Penalties, incorrect Red-Cards, "Diving", and the list goes on. Technology and Video-Replay could solve all these problems. CUFA therefore, aims to make that happen.


The association will campaign and lobby against FIFA, and IFAB; the body in charge of Football Rules. CUFA, with a large member base, will be able to open a constructive dialogue with these two bodies and apply pressure.

Generating Word-Of-Mouth is key. That's why CUFA is present on both Facebook and Twitter. So like, share, join, and spread the word!


As well as raising the debate about the need for video-replay, the movement will also campaign to have the four regulations within the CUFA Mandate implemented in the sport. Specifically, the CUFA Mandate, and its technology-improvements would be implemented only in the Top-League and Cups in each relevant country, at first. This is because of budget, execution and other problems lower leagues might have with technology implementation.

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