Did Neymar's dive change the outcome of the Bayern vs Barca match?

Posted on May 7, 2015 at 9:00 AM

Neymar was lucky to escape a second yellow for a controversial dive inside the Bayern penalty box - Moments later Barcelona scored via Messi.

Neymar should arguably have been sent off for the dive in the 67th minute, as the Brazilian striker had already been booked by referee Nicola Rizzoli.

However, the Referee waived play on, with Bayern Munich keeper Neuer quickly resuming play.

In what followed, Barca took advantage of an undisciplined Bayern side, that had lost shape following the incident.

The Spanish side were quick to win back possession just outside the penalty area. Neuer could then do little to stop the beautiful strike from Messi finding the back of the net.

Barcelona were arguably the better side most of the match, with the Bundesliga Champions failing to have a single shot on target. However, its clear that had Neymar been given a red-card for this incident, the match would have played out very differently.

Although its easy to point out this diving-incident with Neymar (and the lack of a booking), diving in general, is becoming increasingly common in the sport. Almost every match has these type of incidents and they are rarely dealt with.

If you think diving and play-acting should be dealt with, and bookings for diving should be given more readily and often, Sign This Petition Now.