Man City vs. West Brom: "Wrong" Player Sent Off - Shows the need for Technology

Reference BBC Sports

Posted on March 22, 2015 at 9:00 AM

Already in the second minute of this Premier League match, Referee Neil Swarbrick made a controversial decision and appeared to send off the wrong West-Brom player.

The incident arrose as West-Brom defender Craig Dawson went in for a tackle on Wilfried Bony on the edge of the area.

However, instead of booking Dawson, Gareth McAuley was shown the red card. The West-Brom players were left visibily confused at the decision, despite his pleas of innocence and protests from his team-mates.

West-Brom Manager Tony Pulis was clearly, and understandably, frustrated with the official's call. Making the quite accurate comment after the match: "That one decision has killed the game".

Danny Mills, commentator from BBC Radio 5 live, labeled it a "ridiculous decision". Adding "We need to hear from the officials, because I don't understand what was going through the referee's mind..."

At halftime, BT Sports reported that the Referee had confirmed it was a case of mistaken identity.

Wilfred Bony went on to score his first goal for Manchester City. David Silva and Fernando added a goal each, as Manchester City beat West-Brom 3-0.

This was the Premier Leagues second incident of a Mistaken Identity in less than a month. The last one being Wes Brown's red-card at Old Trafford, when in actual fact it was John O'Shea, his Sunderland team-mate, who committed the foul.

These incidents are adding to an already long list of incorrect Referee Decisions this Premier League Season. Be it incorrect Red-Cards, incorrect Penalties or simply sending off the wrong player!

Its become clear that Officiating at the top-level has become increasingly difficult. However, more than blaming the actual Referee's, one must look at the bigger picture; FIFA's refusal to allow Video-Replays in Football.

Football is one of the only sports in the world to not have Referee-Technology (beyond goal-line technology) or use Video-Replays. The result is clear; in-accurate Officiating.

Football Referee's, fans, Managers and players are all left frustrated at the incredible amount of incorrect calls being made. Its time something was done.

Join CUFA and make Video-Replays in Football a reality.