Incorrect offside decision denies Mario Balotelli late equalizer during Aston Villa vs. Liverpool FA Cup Semi-Final.


Posted on April 20, 2015 at 9:00 AM

Mario Balotelli had the ball in the back of the Aston-Villa net late on in the second period, only to be wrongly adjudged of being offside.

Liverpool opened the score in the 30th minute at Wembley, all thanks to Philippe Coutinho’s deflected effort. However, Christian Benteke drew it level six minutes later, when his shot fired past Villa keeper Shay Given.

Villa dominated in much of the second half, taking the lead nine minutes after half time, when Fabian Delph drilled a shot past Simon Mignolet.

The controversial decision came in the 88th minute, after Balotelli had come off the Wembley bench, in an attempt to turn the score around.

The Italian was sent clean through on goal, slotting the ball past Given, in an effort to take the Semi-final to extra time.


However, the linesman was quick to raise his flag, judging the goal to be offside. Replays showed the striker was in fact onside, and that the Reds should have had a great opportunity to eqaulize.

Granted Aston-Villa keeper Given had stopped playing after the offside-whistle, so its not entirely sure Liverpool would have actually eqaulized.

But Balotelli was in a extremely good position, and one would have liked his chances at leveling the game up.


Clearly frustrated at the officials decision after the game, Balotelli posted the picture above on his Instagram account writing: “No words. This picture say it all. (Congratulation to Aston Villa) anyway.. And guys HEAD UP we are Liverpool and YNWA especially when we lose”

The incident is yet another example of incorrect referee decisions affecting the outcome of a match.

Given todays availability of Technology and Video-Replays, the problem of referee errors like this one could be easily solved, or atleast reduced.

After all, the match outcome should be decided by the players alone – not by incorrect officiating decisions.

Virtually all other major sports are implementing, or have implemented, technology in some form. Football being one of the few left without it.

Unlike FIFA, we at CUFA believe waiting 2 minutes to review the Video-Replay is a worthwhile sacrifice to avoid having situations like this.

If you agree, sign our petition and bring Video-Replays to the sport!