Brilliant anti-logos urge sponsors to withdraw from Qatar 2022 World Cup

Posted on May 28, 2015 at 12:00 PM

FIFA's decision to hold the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is drawing increasingly more criticism and resistance.

As more allegations are made about everything from bribery, corruption and vote-buying to the actual deadly working conditions of Qatary workers.

More than 900 workers are thought to have died so far during the construction for the Qatar World Cup. Some estimate that this number will increase to 4,000, before a single ball is kicked at the world cup.

Passports of migrant workers are often confiscated by their employers upon arrival in Qatar, and without a valid passport and exit visa they are not allowed to leave the country. Many reports now suggest workers are being held against their will, and that the passports are used as a means of forcing the workers to stay.
Recently, this has hit Nepalese workers especially hard, as many of them have been refused the chance to return home after the Nepal earthquakes that devastated their country.

Reports are also emerging of pay being withheld by employers indefinetely. Unsurprisingly, many are comparing these working conditions in Qatar to modern-day slavery.

The intense heat in Qatar, which can reach 50 degrees celcius, only makes it increasingly tough on the laborers (and not exactly ideal for Football either!).

People around the world have begun sharing anti-logos and anti-advertisements featuring the major sponsors and FIFA partners that continue to support the Qatar World Cup.

Have a look, and if you want to help the workers in Qatar, and pressurize these companies to withdraw their support of FIFA, then sign our petition! Thanks!








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