Zlatan Ibrahimovic Red Card - Proves its time for Video-Replay


Posted on March 13, 2015 at 13:00 PM

Clean Up Football Association - Zlatan Ibrahimovic was sent off in yesterdays UEFA Champions League Match. The PSG vs Chealsea FC match, took a dark turn when the Swede was shown a red-card, for a sliding tackle against Chelsea player Oscar.

The referee was extremely quick to pull out the red-card, following Oscars and the other Chelsea players quite theatrical performance.

Sadly, fans and other tv-spectators got to watch the video-replay of the incident, only to realize the booking was un-justified. The Referee had mis-judged the situation, and almost ruined the match in the process.

Game-changing decisions like giving a red-card are not to be taken lightly. And this incident all to well points out the problem with the rules in Footbal today, and the lack of technology. Wrong-decisions like the one in this UEFA Match can be prevented, by simple Video-Replay confirmations.

FIFA might think it will undermine the authority of the Referee, something which CUFA completely disagrees with. But even so, is undermining the Field-Referees authority in order to get accurate, fair decisions, not a pretty good trade-off?

In CUFA's view, accuracy and having a fair-game, are both more important than if the Field-Referees decision is over-ruled, or the game is stopped shortly to allow for video-replays.

At the end of the day, its a small sacrifice, to avoid big problems like the one in todays PSG - Chelsea match. Here is a short Video-Replay of the incident to prove how much it can help in Refereeing the sport.

by Vine YouTube Channel

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