Zlatan Ibrahimovic banned from playing in tonights match against Barcelona


Posted on April 15, 2015 at 15:00 PM

Zlatan will not be able to play in tonights Champions League Match, due to the harshly awarded Red-Card he picked up in the match with Chelsea FC.

The Swede was awarded an undeserved red-card, in the previous Champions League stage when PSG met Chelsea FC.

Many fans and media thought the red-card might be lifted by the French Football Association, as video-highlights clearly showed the referee was extremely harsh in sending the Swede off.

Minimal contact was made between the PSG striker and Chelsea player Oscar. Many claiming it was in fact the other Chelsea player’s adverse reactions, that eventually caused the Referee to award the booking.

In any case, the incorrect red-card almost caused PSG to lose against Chelsea, had it not been for David Louis’s late-game header.

Sadly, however, the incorrect red-card will go on to affect the sides Champions League ambitions, as Ibrahimovic is forced to watch tonight’s Barcelona match from the bench.

For Laurent Blanc’s team it represents an incredible challenge to beat a full-strength Barcelona team, with the incorrect ban applied to their star-striker. However, as Barcelona boss Luis Enrique pointed out, the Ligue 1 titleholders have already proven that they can beat the Catalans without their star striker.

"Paris have several major absentees but let's not forget that they won against us when Zlatan was out, and we won when we met and he played," the Barca coach told reporters on Tuesday.

"So, one never knows the importance of absentees. We had a good game in September, although we lost - we had many chances."

"But we will definitely need to improve defensively. They have a very good squad, and they showed yet again their qualities by beating Chelsea [in the last 16]."

In any case, Edinson Cavani will undoubtedly need to have an amazing match, if the Paris team are to withstand the formidable Barcelona side. With the match set to be tight, and the Swede often being the go-to figure for conjuring up something truly magical, Zlatan will truly be missed.

For Zlatan it will be hugely disappointing to miss such a critical stage in PSG’s road to the Champions League trophy.

Making the situation worse, is the fact that this could have been avoided. Incorrect red-cards and penalties can both be dealt with by simply applying technology to the game. Instead of accepting these type of incidents, the problem needs to be solved by having Video-Replay confirmations.

Had it not been for FIFA’s conservative management of the sport, and complete lack of innovation, we would not have incorrect red-cards being awarded at all. The problem is simple and so is the solution.

Sign the petition for Video-Replays now and solve these issues.